How to choose wedding dress pannier

When selecting wedding dress, the only drawback boneless panniers is too soft, it is difficult to put on a large brace of very full, which is propped up. The best boneless is 16 layers of yarn, a little below the big skirt powerless. A small swing stays inside these models is better with or without bone skirt. Light, soft fabric wedding petticoats will certainly use boneless.

Boneless panniers Cautions

General boneless panniers at the first time when the most fluffy, can make it particularly great. Of course, the time for a long time is not up to the canopy, improper storage can easily squashed.

From the perspective of convenience, is not subject to the bone without bone, because bone panniers and put on panniers hollow state is not the same, it is wrapped in the legs, then the weather will be relatively hot muggy.

Boneless panniers to distinguish the pros and cons

Boneless panniers their first look at the pros and cons to determine the number of layers of yarn, of course, the more layers the more expensive price, but not blindly select multiple layers panniers, to fit their own wedding job. Second, look at the texture of the yarn, whether hard enough, too soft yarn even more layers also hold no effect.

Boneless panniers

The pannier material is too thin, you can observe from the picture, as an ordinary skirt lining okay, in order to use it to prop up the wedding I’m afraid to make you disappointed.

Boneless panniers. There are six such fluffy yarn has been very good.


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