Common wedding dress collar which is more suitable for you?

A beautiful wedding dress can make brides wedding icing on the cake, and the wedding dress of choice depends on the individual’s physique, temperament. The right choice to help brides to hide defects, highlighting the advantages. Now common custom wedding dress onlie shop  collar to make a inventory, we want to prepare for the selection of wedding brides small reference.

Features: same shape like a heart in the middle part of the relatively deep, the sides is relatively high, this style is a good choice Busty women, sexy women is more choice. Heart-shaped wedding chest line will significantly chest is full, but also make the neck look more slender.

Suitable for: sexy, plump bride

Not suitable for: do not want to bare, thin bride
Wedding dress chest line design flat Bra

Features: The busty bride, Bra-style is a very popular style, are also common in the chest line wedding dress.

Suitable for: broad shoulders and collarbone clear Bride

Not suitable for: flat chest bride
Wedding dress chest line – Card shoulder

Features: collar resting on the bottom of the shoulder, exposing the collarbone and shoulders, sleeves cover part of the upper arm. This wedding dress styles for the vast majority of the female body is very fit, chest size medium or relatively plump women wear would be particularly beautiful. However, if you are not accustomed to bare arms or shoulders more fat, you can try the following description of the chest line.

Suitable for: busty, pear-shaped body of the bride

Not suitable for: bride broad shoulders, thick arms


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